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About Renegade

Renegade Motion Picture Corporation is dedicated to high-concept, low-budget production in all media. Our list of productions include feature films, TV specials, music videos, commercials and live theatre. We do things differently that's how we get things produced. Renegade is at the forefront of technology and financing in the film industry, and has established itself as a leader in digital production that works to achieve continuous self improvement whilst upholding honesty and integrity in creative standards. Read more...

Hannover House Pacts with Renegade Motion Pictures for The Summoning  (previously The Unwelcome)

Hannover House, Inc. has entered into a financing and distribution agreement with Renegade Motion Pictures for the upcoming production of The Summoning. Read more

Autumn is available in HD and BluRay here and Amazon Instant Video here. In the UK, click here.

Hulu and Beyond is available on Hulu and Amazon Instant Video. Outside the US, you can rent it on Youtube here.

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Steven's book, Framing the Illusions: Navigating the Difficult Landscape of Development and Financing for the Independent Filmmaker, is also available on Amazon here.

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