Ghosts (1998)
Written and Directed by Steven Rumbelow

Whilst working in England on Yes with Eartha Kitt, Steven was offered a deal to make a set of VHS/DVDs on paranormal phenomena. Paul Cohan who mad the offer was one of the producers on The Krays and Steven was inspired to move forward on one of his pet subjects. He'd been raised in a haunted house in Bristol and had been fascinated with the paranormal ever since. Steven did initial research in England and then moved it over to Canada when he returned after Yes. He employed students from the University of Toronto's McCluhan Foundation to add to the research. The show was made in the mid nineties and picked up for broadcast by the Space Channel.

After airing Ghosts, Space offered Steven a series to expand more on the subject of the paranormal. Steven was unable to get to the series until almost ten years later. The series order became four seasons of Beyond, which is still being sold around the world to date.