Hannover House Pacts with Renegade Motion Pictures for THE SUMMONING ( previously THE UNWELCOME )

Hannover House, Inc. has entered into a financing and distribution agreement with Renegade Motion Pictures for the upcoming production of THE UNWELCOME.
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Hannover House Commits to Additional $4-mm Production Slate

Expanding its revenue based beyond the lucrative direct-to-video features market, independent studio Hannover House, Inc. (OTC: HHSE), has committed to three additional theatrical productions with a combined production commitment of four-million-dollars.
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The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia: 2000-2010

This is Volume 2 of the most comprehensive and authoritative overview of Zombie films to date. Autumn is discussed and analyzed in-depth for its distinctive contribution to the genre.

Ain't It Cool News

Based on a novel by David Moody of the same name, AUTUMN is a pretty cool little zombie film... Read more

Brutal as Hell

Autumn is a highly awaited motion picture based on a novel by David Moody and is exactly what I have been looking for in a horror film... Read more

365 Horror

This is arguably the most important Zombie film of the last 20 years and how surprised am I to stumble across this? ... Read more

Love Horror

Most impressive of all however is a film-stealing turn from sadly departed David Carradine, playing an unhinged survivor... Read more

Quiet Earth

...a decent indie character piece that handles the survival drama with a touch of class...
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The zombie boom is back and I for one am pretty pleased...
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